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Upcoming  Events

(un)SCRABBLE Challenge

(un)SCRABBLE is our biggest fundraising event of the year!  An (un)SCRABBLE event, in a nutshell, is when teams compete in short, timed rounds, and the team that forms the highest-scoring words from their Scrabble tiles in each round is the winner. It is called (un)SCRABBLE because the format is slightly different from the regular game--all of the tiles are exposed and the teams scramble to fill their boards.  We will have delicious food, friendly competition, and fabulous raffle prizes.

Dyslexia Dash

We will host a 5K Walk at Wantagh State Park to raise money for our donation-based tutoring center.

Recognition Night

An evening where we come together to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our students and tutors.

A Day of Bridge

​A Day of Bridge is a fun day filled with game play and delicious food, prizes and raffles!

Find out more about our upcoming events by reading our most recent newsletters.
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