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Please click the links below to view the websites. 

We also highlight many great resources in our newsletter, Literacy Matters.


General ESL Resources


Excellent source for puzzles, worksheets; Must register (for free) to access worksheets.

EXCELLENT source of graphic organizers for your visual learner. Go to left side bar and click on Graphic Organizers.


English for Everyone – Free printable worksheets! Free membership and content is divided by levels! – Divided by level and does not need Adobe Reader. – Great for idioms! In the first column you'll see, "English Reference," and the first tab under that is, "English Idioms." Click on that and you'll find idioms categorized alphabetically or by category. – Make your own puzzles. Run by - YouTube channel created by an ESL teacher.  It has actual lessons that you can implement with your students (grammar, pronunciation, and culture). - English language learning website designed on levels from upper beginning ESL to Advanced ESL. Each category includes grammar, reading, vocabulary and puzzle sections. – Resources for tutors and shares other helpful sites. - GREAT for HW!! It’s an interactive site, divided by grade levels. A great tool to use when you want your student to practice at home. On the homepage click on “Grade Level Help for PreK-8th grade” then choose the grade level of choice. – GREAT resource from our umbrella organization ProLiteracy. Find resources for tutors AND students such as: lesson plans, reading and writing practice, and everyday skills for the adult ESL student! – Great ESL resource for tutors and students. - You can print an entire series of ESL books. - Center for adult English language acquisition; Includes ESL resources and research material.

Computer Skills

How to create a presentation

How to create a Google Docs Presentation 

Grammar Websites - Great grammar resources (including PowerPoint presentations). - Entire pdf book of grammar games. – Activities for ESL students. – Grammar intensive site that provides exercises, lessons and sentence diagramming. Great for the student who needs focus on grammar. Go to the left side of webpage to find links for exercises (you do not have to buy the book). Find detailed definitions of common grammar terms along with exercises to work on with your student.


Grammar Check Infographics - Resource for tutors to help navigate common grammar pitfalls

Listening and Speaking Activities - Listening comprehension activities for English language learners. - Short video clips with listening comprehension quizzes. Videos are categorized by level. - English pronunciation practice! - Websites with a collection of videos discussing topics including pronunciation, grammar, slang, business English, etc. - Detailed videos created by a speech teacher to help students learn correct English pronunciation


Reading and Vocabulary Resources – Vocabulary games! - British English website contains up to date news articles and provides activities that are relevant to the articles. Example activities include vocabulary, true/false, reading-fill in the blank, listening (multiple choice questions), short answer listening questions, etc. – Provides the list and ideas and strategies on how to use the list in lessons. – The fundamentals of critical reading and effective writing.  - Students can read books right off the site, alongside their tutor during a lesson or on their own at home! Interactive site with clear images and print.


Civics Lessons – For the student working on the driver’s test who needs to learn the signs of the road. Great for the visual learner! – Interactive site for the student to use at home. Must register (for free). From Basic skills and vocab to advanced. - Students can listen to an article while reading and also watch videos with subtitles! Great for ELL students to stay in touch with current events. Videos are specialized for the ELL listener. Also includes wealth of activities and quizzes that can be utilized in lessons. - Learn EL Civics government and history lessons with pictures and easy vocabulary. – Citizenship information



Writing Resources - A free online resource to improve your writing skills.






Tutor Resources

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