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How do I become a volunteer?


Step 1

Register for an orientation workshop.

Step 2

Register  for a training workshop.

Step 3

Get matched with a group of students.

Step 4

Begin volunteering and change a life.

Volunteer Opportunities at Literacy Nassau.  

Since 1968, Literacy Nassau has been training and supporting volunteer tutors to teach students in our programs.   No special background or skill-set is required, just a passion for learning.  Most of our programs meet at local libraries (days and evenings).  Please review the types of programs we offer.  When you attend our orientation workshop, you will become more familiarized with all of these programs and this will enable you to determine which one is the best fit for you.  

1. Small Group Instructor for English Language Learners (ELLs) - English Language Learners are immigrants who need to learn English language skills for survival. Our small group instruction courses are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level English language learners.  These groups meet for 3-6 hours for 10-week sessions at local libraries. 

​2. Small Group Instructor for Basic Literacy Learners (BLLs) - Basic Literacy Learners are adults who weren't able to learn to read as children. They are usually native born and either weren’t afforded the appropriate chances to be educated or had undiagnosed learning disabilities as children that prohibited them from keeping up in class.  Our small group instruction program provides an opportunity to help adults who never learned to read or write in a supportive group environment.  These groups meet in libraries for 2 hours per week on an ongoing basis.

3. Next Chapter Book Club Facilitator - These small book clubs of 6-8 people offer adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to read for pleasure.  Guided by a pair of trained volunteer facilitators, Next Chapter Book Clubs meet once a week for an hour at select libraries and cafes across Long Island.  There is no pre-set start or end date for this opportunity.

4. Jot It Down Facilitator - These creative writing clubs consist of 6-8 people and offer adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to express themselves creatively, write in a variety of genres, make new friends, and enjoy community life. Guided by a pair of trained volunteer facilitators, Jot It Down Writing Clubs meet once a week, for one hour, at select libraries and cafes across Long Island.  There is no pre-set start or end date for this opportunity.

5. Orton-Gillingham Practitioner - This intensive 10-month Orton-Gillingham certification process will enable you work with a child in our reading center in Wantagh.  If you volunteer your time in our reading center, we will help you to attain the Associate Level of certification by the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE).  This will enable you to work with students in a school setting utilizing the Orton-Gillingham method under the continued supervision of an AOGPE Fellow. This is a very different opportunity than our volunteering programs.  Drug testing, online mandated reporter training, background check, and a $1500 refundable deposit will be required in order to be accepted into this program. 

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