English Class & Citizenship Class Registration

Our appointments for Winter registration are now open! Please see the calendar below to make an appointment to register.

 You must attend an in-person registration and take an English test to register for any of our classes.

Use the calendar below to make an appointment for our in-person registration.  You will be emailed a confirmation after making an appointment. All registrations are in-person.  Please be sure to come to the location that you chose on the correct day and time.  Please wear a mask. You MUST be on time for your scheduled appointment.  If you are late, you may not be able to register for class.

Only one appointment is needed per student, please do not make multiple appointments for the same student. If you do not get a confirmation email, please email jdaprile@literacynassau.org to confirm. Do NOT make multiple appointments.

After your registration appointment, you can make a secure donation through this link.https://www.literacynassau.org/donate  The suggested donation is $25.